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Somewhere between your search for the right business coach & hiring me, we need to have an honest conversation about your goals & vision, what you’re experiencing, and your needs. Can we talk about everything in 45 minutes? No, but we can accomplish a lot more than you think!

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Bridge to Growth coaching sessions are a fantastic introduction to working with me and very insightful whether you decide to take the work further or not.

Being the breadwinner and an entrepreneur is hard. Sometimes you can feel like we just want to burn it all down and go sit on the beach.

There's also a part of you who wants to reach the next level, see what you're truly capable of, and determine what's next. You're just not longer willing to sacrifice everything else to get there.

I'm here to tell you it is possible to actually love the stage of life & business you're in. We just need to rewrite the rules of success, clarify and establish your vision & goals to determine what's next.

We are going to dig deeper into the overall business and personal goals you have, plus ideal timelines for what you want to accomplish. We'll examine what's happening right now in your business and life, then discuss how you might bridge the gap to arrive at your goals.

And we'll learn more about the right service options for your needs and stage of business.

Your business is important to me and I rely on your answers to prepare for the best outcome during our meeting. I look forward to learning all I can about you and your business.

Because your experience as the business owner is crucial to growth, I blend mental & emotional support along with business acumen. That means my coaching approach is a revealing service, so you should be aware that this process will challenge you to see yourself and your role as business owner & founder in new and unfamiliar ways that will stretch you.

The questions after you select a date/time will help you prepare for this new and exciting chapter.

-- Much love and gratitude, Tori.

The rest of the story:

After 25+ years building multi-million-dollar businesses and mentoring founders and chief executives, I’ve found that there are so many small business owners who thought being an entrepreneur would be tons of freedom, flexibility, and financial success, yet are so busy they don't even have time to pee, let alone enjoy it.

They’ve turned into workaholic zombies who feel like the pressure of their business is crushing them.

Through working with my clients, I’ve noticed there’s a need for more joy, inspiration, and meaning for high-achieving, female founders who've already grown a steady revenue-generating business and are now facing a new set of challenges on their path to achieving their next-level vision (including fitting in time with their families before they more out - yikes!).

They're struggling to answer, "Why am I doing all this?"

Perhaps this, or some variation, describes what you're going through.

You may see your choices as limited to either continue toward burnout or burn it all down. Plus, you're the breadwinner & don't want to waste all your hard earned progress + the fear of living under a bridge is a real possibility.

And the struggle is real, even though you are a successful business woman, there are questions looming in the background.

What you really want to know is,

  • "What other choices out there are real possibilities for me and my situation?"
  • "Is it even possible to profit doing work I enjoy?"
  • "How do I stop drowning long enough to come up for air and think?"
  • "Can I find trustworthy people to help me grow the business, not just work in it?"
  • "How can I possibly take on more & realize the potential I feel is inside me, when I'm already so busy?"
  • "I desperately need a break, but how do I take my foot off the gas without missing opportunities?"
  • "What if I have a secret wish to burn it all down to go sell jewelry on the beach somewhere?"
  • "How do I provide for a great life without missing out on making memories with my family while there's still time?"
  • "I feel like I'm getting pulled all over the place. How can I grow purposefully and have more time for the important things in my life?"
  • And a sexy body would be nice, too.

Yes. You can absolutely build sustainable growth without sacrificing everything dear to you. Get ready to reclaim your weekends, feel inspired by your work, and have plenty of time and energy for family, friends, hobbies, and recharging your batteries! And that’s the secret to fast tracking your success without postponing your happiness.

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